Our Moment.


 dumb lil punk!michael is my weakness lmao lemme put this into words ok enjoy  pic not mine lmao chill 

"This isn’t right," Michael growled, trying to pull his tied wrists from the tight knot of the tie. You kneeled at the edge of bed, innocently smiling at him while tracing your fingers up his thigh, feeling them tense under your touch.

"I want to show you that being dominated can be fun," You smirked as he growned, laying his head back on the pillow. You were about to slowly pull his boxers down, snapping the waistband against his flushed skin, until he spoke; sending a violent shiver down your spine.

"But babe, I wanna taste you."

You knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to make you give in. Since he looked and acted tough with all his tattoos and dickhead personality, he wanted to  stay  that way. Agreeing to be sub for the night for a beautiful girl has never crossed his mind. Until, of course, you mentioned it.

"Oh, Mikey," You tutted, crawling up to him and grabbing his chin, pushing his head up and slowly licking a line up his neck, kissing one of the tattoos.
“Not tonight.” You whispered and went back to your previous position; between his legs.

You decided to keep an innocent face for the whole event because you knew looking so child-like and cute while doing the dirty deed was his weakness.
You kissed him through the fabric and heard him growl, ”  babe.  ” He sternly warned.
You then done a nice, long lick and heard him sigh in relief. His eyes were shut and his mouth was open. You thought you finally had him wrapped around your finger.

"Turn around, I want  both  of us to have a treat.” You laughed to yourself; He just wasn’t the sub type but sooner or later, you’d trick him.

5SOS Imagine - Michael Clifford - Pizza and Video Game date

You’ve been friends with Michael for a while now and recently you have discovered that you have a big crush on him. A few days ago he asked you if you wanted to come over and play videos, eat pizza and just hang out, of course you said yes not only because he was your crush and you wanted to spend time with him but he was also your long time friend so you couldn’t say no to him. 
As you were sitting on your bed reading a book that your mother recently bought you, you heard your phone go off. You reached over to your side table and noticed you had a new text message from Michael.
*Hey are you still free tonight?*
*Yeah I am*
*Sweet, I’ll pick you up at 7*
*I’ll be ready :)*
After you sent your reply you got all excited because even though Michael didn’t officially confirm it as a date, you had it in your mind that this time it was. You looked at your phone and the time was now 6:30 p.m., you got off your bed and threw on a pair of black skinny jeans with a black tank top and a red plaid flannel shirt to go overtop. You walk over to the mirror and feel proud of your outfit, you put on some dark red lipstick that went well with both your makeup and outfit. Just as you were finishing up, you heard a knock on your door. You raced down the hall and opened the door and to your surprise Michael was wearing the exact same outfit as you minus the tank top.
“Nice outfit Mikey.” You say and wink at him
“Looks better on you (Y/N), you look badass and sexy as hell.” He says and kisses your cheek. “Ready to go?”
You blush “Of course”
Once you get there, he helps you out of the car, grabs your hand and walks you to the door and you both walk in. Once you saw the video game area you were amazed, he had so many consoles and video games. You were pretty jealous of his collection. You sit down beside him and he turns on TMNT for the xbox 360, you couldn’t help but laugh a little.
“Typical Michael” You said to yourself
“What’s so funny?” He asks
“You’re a nerd Michael but a very hot nerd.” 
“Thanks (Y/N), I’m glad you enjoy my nerdiness, oh and the pizza should be here in like fifteen minutes.”

Once the pizza arrived you saw Michael take it into the kitchen and brought it back a few minutes later, you felt suspicious for him bringing it there first.

“Alright so what did you do to the pizza?” I asked then laughed
“Open it and find out.” He said biting his lip
You opened it and to your surprise you saw that the box read
‘Will you be my girlfriend or is this too cheesy?’
“Of course I’ll be your girlfriend.” You happily say
He leans over and pulls you into a kiss, not minding that he just got lipstick all over his face.
  • Calum: “I’m cold,” you lie to Cal as you pull your arms into his sweatshirt. “And you clothes are really comfy. Mind sharing what fabric softener you use?” “You don’t have to lie about wanting to wear my clothes,” he laughs. “And you do our laundry, babe. I’d be unfit to answer that question.”
  • Ashton: “Okay, okay,” you swallow what’s left in the glass bottle and set it down. "I wanna share my best joke with you, okay?" you slur. "Just don't tell anyone." Ashton nods slowly and tries to focus on the words dripping from your tongue. "What do you get when Napoleon... Wait, no. French grenades and linoleum? No... What do you get when you throw a grenade in a French bathroom?" "What?" he asks and you burst into a fit of giggles before even trying to say the punchline: Linoleum Blown-Apart.
  • Michael: “Can we just go to Walgreens or something and get one of those two dollar ones?” you plead. You were on vacation with Michael and he had forgotten to pack your toothbrush. You thought it’d be nice to give him responsibility over the toiletries, but it completely backfired. “I love you, but I’m not sharing a toothbrush with you, Mikey.”
  • Luke: After tour, Luke always gets sick. He gets some sort of virus every single time without fail and you take care of him every single time without fail. He makes it up to you, though; Luke manages to share his illness with you and the next few days is spent taking care of you.
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